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Buying items in Ultima Online was fun.

Vendors were well placed and vendor houses a high demand asset. Back then there were no real online communities that enabled gamers to purchase goods easily for real world money and the ones that existed were shady. Most sites like where run by players and the auctions were for in-game gold, which was fun.

But now there are too many other avenues for players to take.

By allowing community members to post ads purchasing assets we can help to regulate people that don't have the games interest at heart.

We can also keep track of what the items sell for and help Portalarium to know when an assets' value is dropping or raising too high. Thiswillhelp the economy.

We want to make sure that the economy stays regulated

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Sometimes we buy into a game like Shroud of the Avatar exchange with the goal of playing forever, but that doesn't always happen.

Life, kids, wife, dogs, whatever intervene and we can't devote as much time to the game.

Other times we change our interests and pivot our focuses. A founder decided to back another game and wants to sell their account.

Why not let them?

Who wants to leave with a bad taste or even worse let an account go delinquent with good valuable items still in it's possession? Get back what you got into it for.

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How do we know the right price to set?

How can you value your accounts worth?

Assess what your in-game assets are worth.

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